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An introduction to an expression and a conclusion for the 2021 exam that students always look for to serve as the supporting paragraphs for them if they cannot start writing the topic of expression directly, especially if it is one of the difficult topics that is not easy to write or start with. It can make him write faster, and thus focus on the rest of the exam questions. The reference site is at the forefront of Arab sites that provide students with their needs, so in this article it will provide you with a set of suggested templates for distinctive introductions and conclusions.

Introduction and conclusion for the exam 2021

The introduction and conclusion of the topic of expression are usually written to be in proportion to the content of the topic and the main idea of ​​it, but sometimes students resort to only ready-made models of introductions and conclusions to speed up writing the topic in the exam or in order to prevent the topic from being difficult. For this reason, we will provide you with the following sample introduction and conclusion for the 2021 exam proposed through which you can practice writing distinctive introductions:

Introduction to the expression of the night of the exam

Let the Sial pen write letters and words with his ink on the lines of this white paper, to start talking about a great topic that has become one of the most important topics that occupies a special place in our Arab societies. Namely, (Write the name of the subject of the required expression), which has become a necessity to talk about and discuss its consequences and causes.

The conclusion of the expression on the night of the exam

In concluding this topic about (write the name of the topic of expression), it is necessary to emphasize the importance of this topic and the need for public awareness of this topic at the level of the entire society represented by all its categories, old and young, men and women.

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Short and easy introduction and conclusion for the exam

Before starting to write the topic of expression, the student should think about the introduction, because the introduction is the most important part of the topic of expression, and the student should write it with selected words and ideas that attract the reader who is the teacher here, to complete the topic of expression with a positive feeling towards the writer of the topic, and to help you we will include for you what An introduction and conclusion for the exam is a short and easy form that you can use:

A very short and easy introduction

I am very happy because I was given the opportunity to talk about this important topic, which has become one of the most important topics that a person can address. Because of its great impact on Arab society in all its segments, especially in the past period.

Short and easy conclusion

Here, I have reached the conclusion of my topic about (write the name of the topic), and I hope that I have taken the discussion on this important topic and summarized and benefited, and was able to convey the main idea of ​​this topic that should be taken care of.

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Introduction and conclusion for the 2021 exam long

Although the expression topics requested during the exam are usually short, many teachers decide on a specific day to hold a separate expression exam and ask for the long topics to test the student’s ability and proper writing style. In the following, we will include a long introduction and conclusion for the 2021 exam that you can use:

Long and beautiful expression introduction

I will start writing about this important subject, and I hope to do it right by discussing it from all its important aspects. Therefore, I will allow my words to flow over the lines of my white paper and express the extent of my personal interest in this subject, its importance in general to the different segments of society and how we can deal with it at the present time according to the developments of the times.

Long and beautiful expression

At the end of this topic about (….), I hope that I have given him his right to an adequate talk that matches the great importance of it, and I would also like to stress the need to give this topic special attention and intensify serious studies on the topic in order to determine the responsibility that falls on each individual. community members about this.

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Introduction and conclusion for the exam in English 2021

The English language is an obstacle for many students. Although they excel in all other subjects, they may find it difficult to study English; Especially if they don’t do it enough. To help you in this matter, we will list to you in the following an introduction and conclusion of the English 2021 exam, which you can use:

Introduction to the English expression for the exam

First of all I really want to thank you for giving me a chance to talk about one of the most important topics that affect our society by all its layers, and I wish I can have it from all its aspects impartiality as a member of the community.

English translation of the introduction for the exam: First of all, I would really like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to talk about one of the most important topics that affect our society in all its segments, and I hope to deal with it in all its aspects impartially as a member of society..

English essay conclusion for the exam

Now, I reached the end of my essay that talks about (write the name of the topic), and I wish that I have given it its right of speech, because this topic is one of the most important topics these days, and we must spread awareness between people about it.

Translation of the conclusion of an English expression for the exam: Now, I have reached the end of my article that talks about (write the name of the topic), and I hope that I have given him the right to speak, because this topic is one of the most important topics these days, and we must spread awareness among people about this topic.

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Introductions to the topics of expression for the exam

The introduction to the topic of expression usually contains the goal of choosing the topic if the student chose it, or the feeling about writing the topic if it was chosen by the teacher, and the importance of this topic towards the student, the community, or the group to which the topic belongs. What supports and strengthens the introduction usually is that it contains a text from the Noble Qur’an, the Noble Prophetic hadiths, or poetry. We will provide you with the following set of introductions to the topics of expression for the exam in a different place that you can use:

Introduction to the Arabic language

The Arabic language is the language of the Noble Qur’an. The dear book was revealed to our Master Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, in the Arabic language, which was the language of the people of the Arabian Peninsula. Therefore, this language is the most important language, and every Muslim, regardless of his mother tongue, must learn and master it in order to be able to read the Noble Qur’an. and save it. And God Almighty has said in His Noble Book: “And We have struck for the people in this Qur’an every parable, that perhaps they would remember a Qur’an of the past.” [1]

Introduction to the role of youth in society

Young people are the mainstay of the future and the builders of societies, and they have to rely on the creation of civilized societies based on the arms of their heroic sons who take upon themselves the development of this nation so that it rises among nations and raises its name high. We must talk about this great subject in order to spread awareness of the need to pay attention to this category.

Introduction to pollution

Since ancient times, the environment has been beautiful and decorated with the most beautiful clothes, and it was one of the most important things that we should take care of, in order to protect it from all the causes of pollution that may lead to death and loss due to the wrong actions of human beings. Humans had a prominent role in the deterioration and pollution of the environment until it became the miserable form that we see now.

Introduction Expression of the environment

Our environment is the place in which we live and settle, so we must preserve it well, and look into the most important aspects that help keep the environment clean, safe and prosperous, and away from pollution in all its forms and types. Therefore, I think that this topic is one of the most important topics that we must express by bringing this idea to all segments of society.

Introduction Expression of humility

Humility is one of the most generous manners that bring a person closer to other human beings. When a person is humble, he wishes good for others without making them feel that he is superior to them or looking at them with a look that feels arrogant over them, people love him and accept him, and increase the bonds of brotherhood and love between people.

Introduction Expression of the mother

The mother is the most powerful figure in every family. Although she is the most compassionate and compassionate person who is always the closest to each member of the family, she is the strongest. Because in its weakness there are sincere meanings of love, affection and tenderness that make it strong and able to bring the whole family together with one word, perhaps even with one look.

Introduction Expression of patience

They say that patience is the key to relief, and the truth in the matter is that a person who is patient with the trials that befalls him and counts this matter for the sake of God Almighty always receives what pleases him of reward and relief from worries, because God Almighty does not afflict the servant except to test his patience and then grant him happiness that you will forget. What worries he has gone through. God Almighty has said in his book Aziz: “Say: O slaves of those who believe, fear your Lord for those who do good in this world good, and the land of God and wide but Alsaberon fulfilled their reward without account” [2]

An introduction to honoring one’s parents

God Almighty has commanded us to honor our parents in more than one place in the Holy Qur’an, He said in the court of His book: [3] And this is nothing but a confirmation from him and a warning of the prominent role of parents in raising children, which a person should not neglect, but rather he should strive to always obtain from his parents the satisfaction that leads him and them to heaven, God willing.

Introduction and conclusion suitable for any topic of English expression

Introduction to hygiene

Cleanliness is one of the things that every person should be keen on in order to avoid catching diseases, and epidemics, especially when we are in a time when many diseases are spreading among people. Prayer. Our Noble Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, was reported to have said: “God Almighty is good and loves good, clean and loves cleanliness, generous and loves generosity, generous and loves generosity, so clean your courtyards, and do not be like the Jews.” [4]

Introduction Expression of the homeland

The love of the homeland is an instinctive matter that opens the heart of the good citizen towards sacrificing the soul and soul in order to preserve the homeland from being desecrated by a brutal enemy, or destabilizing its security by a spiteful person. The poet said:

I am free, this country is my country *** I hope for its glory to live and goats

Introduction to morality

Virtuous morals are among the matters that a Muslim who is keen on his religion should adhere to, for our Noble Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “I was sent to perfect morals.”[5] If this indicates anything, it indicates the lofty status of morals and the importance of applying them in a person’s life in order to straighten his affairs.

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Exam topic conclusions

The conclusion contains a summary of the topic of the expression, or what the student reached at the end of the topic. It may also contain a set of recommendations that the student wants or communicates to the community, and it is usually a small paragraph whose content does not exceed two lines. In the following, we will list to you the conclusions of an expression topic for the exam in various topics that you can underestimate:

Short essay conclusion

In concluding this topic, I emphasize the role of the good citizen in preserving the homeland so that it remains a shining listener among nations, and its flag remains in the wide sky of the world.

Conclusion expressing morals

Ethics is one of the most important things that a believer should or should possess. In fact, the believer is the first person to have virtuous morals. This is because our Islamic religion has urged us to adhere to it, and that is something that the Muslim will be rewarded for, God willing.

Conclusion Expression of a smile

The smile makes us forget fatigue and exhaustion in our most work and effort times, so we must preserve it, and not forget it no matter how sad we feel, perhaps a smile that sneaks between tears makes us forget all worries.

Conclusion An expression of honoring one’s parents

In the end, I say: The role of a Muslim in honoring one’s parents should not be limited to honoring them when they are alive, but rather that honoring extends to after the parents’ death through many matters; Such as praying for them, giving charity on their behalf, visiting their relatives and friends, and always reminding them of goodness, and many other acts of righteousness.

Conclusion of an expression in the Arabic language

Here I have come to the conclusion of this topic about the Arabic language, but before I conclude it is necessary to emphasize the importance of preserving the Arabic language and teaching it to new generations as the primary language.

The conclusion is an expression of honesty

Honesty is one of the most important virtuous morals that a Muslim should have, and what is more beautiful than requiring one to be the best of creation and messengers, our Prophet and our beloved Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, who was called the honest and trustworthy.

In the end, we have included for you in this article a suggested introduction and conclusion template for the 2021 exam that you can use, in addition to a large and distinguished number of written forms on various topics that can benefit you in terms of style and ideas.

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