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Beautiful words to my best friend, the article site mqaall.com offers you beautiful words to the dearest friend of the heart, as friendship is one of the best things that can happen to a person, to find someone who shares your moments of sadness and anguish before your moments of joy, is a rare thing at this time.

True friendship relieves a person in a time of distress and increases his joy so that it is not complete without a friend and is next to him. The friendship relationship is one of the relationships that affects the life of every person, so he must be careful to select someone who accompanies his life.

The qualities of a true friend

There are a set of qualities that are true, loving and loyal to a friend, namely: listening to you with love and concern without boredom, telling you the truth even if it seems annoying to you, and striving to preserve your friendship despite the differences between you.

He also always remains in contact with you, and understands you deeply without the need to speak, in addition to that he does not misunderstand you no matter what, and it is easy to rely on him for everything, if a friend has all these qualities, do not ever neglect him as long as you live.

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Foundations of true friendship

There are some foundations on which a friendship must be built in order for it to become a true friendship forever, and they are: trust, it is necessary to have strong trust between the two friends, honesty, where the friend should not lie to his friend, no matter how much it costs him.

Support and support As a true friend is someone who stays with his friend in crises before joy, encouragement, every friend must feel his friend’s extent of his importance in his life and provide him with all kinds of blood especially in his bad situations, so that he overcomes them.

Nice words to my best friend

  • My friend, no matter what I write, and I said I will not disclose a drop of love from the sea of ​​my love for you, it is enough for me that you are my friend.
  • So I will be the happiest person in the world.
  • In the stillness of the night, and its darkness, I sat alone to describe you, O wonderful friend.
  • I was confused by what I describe. I tried to write poetry in you, and my words were choked.
  • I also tried to write prose in you, and the letters betrayed me.
  • Really, my friend, I cherish your wonderful, beautiful and dear friendship to my heart. Trust me, my dear.
  • Even if I spent my life describing how much I love and cherish you, I would not have given you your due.
  • My friend, your love in my heart is great. I have loved you with all my heart since childhood, and you are my favorite.
  • I also hope that our friendship lasts a lifetime.
  • Words cannot describe a true friend, and congratulations to you for a friend who is a fragrant dice.
  • And the rising sun that scatters darkness, and he is the moon in its light, and its light.
  • If its beauty is beyond description, that is a blessing from God.
  • Friendship, like health, knows its value only if it loses it.

Wonderful words for a wonderful friend

  • I want to tell you that I love you, my friend, I will stay with you all my life, we will be happy together, we will cry together.
  • In addition, we will share the worries and sorrows, and we will be compassionate for each other.
  • I loved my friend like my brother, for his humanity taught me to live in love and loyalty among friends.
  • I declare to the world that I love him sincere and sincere love.
  • A loyal friend in a time when the loyal is less affectionate, is the sincere brother who always carries my concern.
  • And my destiny is the best of what I was, and I still have a companion, a friend, and the best companionship in this time.
  • My dear friend, when I do not meet you, I feel as if I have lost the dearest of people.
  • And inspire my mind, and from you I know the path of goodness.
  • Dear friend, if you ask someone to guide you to a friend, they will not direct you to a friend who cherishes you more than me.
  • My dear friend, I want to believe you saying, not a day or rather a night has passed but I thought about our beautiful friendship.

Varied words for loyal friends

  • My friend, I am proud to have you in my life. Your friendship is a badge that I put on my chest, for you are a unique man.
  • I have never found someone like you in men, for you are not one of those who befriend for a sordid purpose, our friendship is above interests.
  • My dear friend, you were the candle that lights the world around me, so how can my days be without you.
  • And how can my smile raise my lips after your separation, for more love I send to you in a moment of longing full of sadness.
  • Optimistic about staying close together.
  • How much I love you, my friend, you are the only one who is able to make me smile in my distress, and you listen to me always I love you.
  • You are a part of me, you share my joys, my worries, and you always try to keep my worries away from me, I love you.
  • And that is because you are not like the rest, for purity is your clothing, and kindness is your title.
  • I loved that dear friend who taught me the true meaning of friendship, and instilled in my heart the meaning of loyalty.
  • And how to present my bid without limits and without waiting for anything in return.

Wonderful words about friendship and love in God


Words thank you for standing with me

Judgment and sayings about friendship

  • Friendship is like an umbrella, the more rain it gets, the more it is needed.
  • Friendship does not set as the sun does.
  • When did it become your friend is like yourself have known a friendship.
  • Tolerance is the basis of friendship, and true love.
  • Friendship does not melt like snow melts.
  • Also friendship does not die unless love dies.
  • Friendship is not over the years, but rather the sincerity of the situations
  • Friendship is a masterpiece, its value increases with the passage of time.
  • Friendship is one mind in two bodies.
  • Not everyone we chat with is called a friend.
  • Friendship is a promise of commitment and not everyone is loyal.
  • Also friendship, friendliness and faith.
  • Friendship is a dream and an entity that inhabits the conscience.
  • Friendship does not weigh in scale.
  • Friendship is also a white flower that grows in the heart, blooms in the heart, but does not wither.
  • True friendship is like the relationship between the eye and the hand. If the hand hurts, the eye will tear, and if the eye tears, the hand will wipe it.
  • Also, true friendship, like parallel lines, never meets until interests surface.
  • Then they lose their parallelism, and they intersect.

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Poignant phrases about friendship

  • Friendship is not about staying with a friend longer, friendship is about keeping a covenant.
  • Even if the distances are long or short.
  • Confident of friendship are not confused by moments of conflict, but rather smile when separated.
  • Because they know they will be back soon.
  • The fruits of the earth are reaped every season, but friendship reaps every moment.
  • Secretly blame your friend, and praise him in front of others.
  • If you have friends then you are rich.
  • Laughter is not a bad start to friendship and it is still the best end to it.
  • Comrade before the road.
  • Good accounts make good friends.
  • The company of the righteous inherits good, and the company of the wicked inherits remorse.
  • Friends are the sunrise in this life.
  • The happiness you share with friends is double happiness.
  • Friendship is the only rose that has no thorns.
  • Friendship is the other non-luminous face of love, but one that does not rust.
  • What is a friend? It is a soul that dwells in two bodies.
  • One flower can be my garden, and one friend can be my world.

Phrases for a true friend

  • A true friend is someone who walks towards you when everyone else walks away from you.
  • Your true friend is the one who knows everything about you and still likes you.
  • A true friend is someone who is with you when he or she might be elsewhere.
  • Some resort to priests, some to philosophers and poets, but I do resort to friends.
  • I hope, my friend, that I have two wings to fly, and to visit you whenever I want, because the seas between us are only distances.
  • But you are in the heart.
  • You, my friend, were and are still the first in my life when I remember our boyhood.
  • I am glad I lived with the best friend in the universe.
  • My dear friend, you taught me sincerity in love, and you are the one who guided me on the path to success.
  • Please, great, thank you.
  • My loyal friend, I wish I was a loyal friend of yours, and you still remind me of the good and still your heart loves me as much as I love you.
  • Even if the distances kept us away.
  • My childhood friend, my friend of youth, be my friend today, tomorrow, and every tomorrow.

Beautiful phrases about a friend

  • My dear friend, our dream is wide, life is short, and I, like you, can only walk.
  • My hand is in your hand, and our footsteps is known only by fate, and with our cooperation we reach what we want and aspire.
  • My dear friend, the feeling of friendship is nothing but a thought, and a way of life, I want to say many things.
  • But the depth of things conceals the words, but the resonance of actions is what translates the love in my heart for you.
  • All the trees grew and embraced the sky, and the human being too, our friendship grew, and we embraced the sky.
  • You, my friend, is my fortune in this life.
  • My friend, distances and concerns of life keep you away from me, but I always rejoice in my heart with our beautiful memories that are all love.
  • May God keep you loyal to me, my friend.
  • My friend, you are my precious treasure, which I try to do everything in my power to preserve it.
  • We grew up together, and between childhood and youth, stories that days and nights tell about friends.

Talk about my best friend

  • Wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.
  • Tolerance is the basis of friendship and true love.
  • Friendship is like an umbrella, the more it rains, the more it is needed.
  • Money brings you friends of interest, and beauty brings you lust friends.
  • As for morals, it brings you life-long friends.
  • It’s not hard to sacrifice for a friend, but it’s hard to have a friend that’s worth the sacrifice.
  • True friendship is like parallel lines. They never meet until interests surface.
  • Then they lose their parallelism and intersect.
  • Friendship does not set as the sun does, friendship does not melt as snow melts,
  • Likewise, friendship does not die, unless love dies.
  • Friendship is not over the years, but rather the sincerity of situations.
  • There are friends that your mind needs, and there are friends that your heart needs.
  • There are also friends that you need because you simply have no address without them.
  • When did it become your friend is like yourself have known a friendship.
  • A true friend is the one who accepts your excuse, forgives you if you make a mistake, and seals your block in your absence.

Touching words about friendship

  • He became rich and discovered that friendship is more important than money. If he remained poor, money would be the most important.
  • Do not let the loss of something be someone who will make you feel its worth. Likewise friends: many, then few, and few.
  • So that only the truest among them will remain with you.
  • Friendship is a masterpiece, whose value increases with the passage of time.
  • There are people silently watching you, reading what you send, watching your mood, trying to understand your condition.
  • And that without talking to you, not just because they love you, so congratulations to those who had someone watching him every day.
  • Friendship is a wonderful thing to be proud of, and it is a way to be successful among all people at times.
  • It may be an obsession that stirs up feelings, but in the end friendship remains a milestone that no one can explain.
  • Only those who followed it properly and sacrificed for it and did the impossible in order not to be lost.

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In the end, we have thus finished presenting beautiful words to the dearest friend of the heart, and it is important to preserve our friends, especially if they have the qualities of a true friend and are keen on encouragement, support.

And support at any time and place, it is currently rare to find friends who love us with all their hearts and always seek our support, as a true friend is a mirror to his friend who loves him and wishes him well and all the happy things just as he wishes for himself, so do not neglect him, so you may not find something like him.

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