كلام جميل عن القلوب الطيبة

Beautiful words about good hearts that summarize the beauty of the world in them and accommodate all people for their tenderness, beauty and love for goodness, giving and helping others.

Beautiful words about good hearts

A collection of the most beautiful and wonderful words that we offer you about the kind, beautiful and gentle hearts to share through various social media, which are as follows:

  • No matter how much we search in this life, we cannot find anything more beautiful than a kind heart.
  • We may be attracted by someone who is smart or handsome or some of this and some of that, but he who has a good heart can captivate us with all our heart and not just attract us.
  • When you take your first steps on the road to a dream, make sure that you carry with you a high ambition, a great will and an unwavering determination, and most important of all that you have a good heart in your chest.
  • Whoever has a good heart is a human being who is able to overcome any problem, no matter how big. People may not reciprocate with him, but God is able to compensate him for all evil.
  • He who has a good tongue, with which he says the most beautiful words, is not required to have a good heart. Wait for circumstances to test him and discover the truth.
  • Good hearts are like butterflies in this world, constantly hovering around us for nothing and without any goal but to be well, see beauty and thank God for it.

Phrases about good hearts

Many of us are looking for beautiful and distinctive phrases that describe kind hearts, their splendor and beauty, so we offer you the most beautiful of these distinctive phrases to choose from the most beautiful ones, which are as follows:

  • Good hearts are a rare coin that is hard to find, so if you find one, live there, and never leave because you won’t find one soon.
  • Even if the head is empty, its presence above a good head makes it more important than all heads filled with the darkness and cruelty of the world.
  • A good heart is the key to solving every problem, no matter how big, because it is not based on the strength of hatred, envy and anger, which is a strength no matter how weak it is, but its strength stems from its reliance on God Almighty, the strong and solid.
  • How beautiful it is for a person to live with a good heart, as all people carry their hearts in their chest, except for those who have a good heart, for it is he who carries it and guides it to the best.
  • We ask God to lead us from people who have good hearts similar to ours that care for us and protect us from all the evil we have seen in this world.
  • The beauty of the face is a zero which is nothing if a man does not have a good heart.

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Talk about kindness in this time

In this era, whoever has a good heart may suffer a lot as a result of the kindness of his heart, as there are many people who do not appreciate the kindness of the heart, and we offer you the most wonderful phrases about kindness in this time as follows:

  • In this time, whoever has a good, naive heart, no one cares about him, and everyone is racing to attack and break him.
  • Kindness in this age, like any other time, is beautiful and lovely, but you have to know where to spend it just like gold and money, so do not give it to someone who does not deserve it.
  • The harshest thing in this time is that kindness has ended and no one has a pure heart anymore, everyone is looking for interest, everyone wants to benefit.
  • Sometimes this time compels me to curse the kindness of my heart that always leads me towards the unknown, towards hard and ruthless hearts.
  • Despite the darkness of this time, I will preserve the goodness of my heart and the beauty of my character because I was raised on this and will remain so.
  • Good hearts nowadays are a very rare coin and it is difficult to find them. If you find a pure and good heart, stick to it.

Talk about a good heart

A group of the most beautiful words that we present to you describing the good heart, its beauty and the splendor of those who have good hearts so that you can choose the most beautiful of these words, which are as follows:

  • Hearts are a wasteland. If we do not cultivate it with kindness and peace, thorns and weeds will spontaneously grow in it.
  • A good heart is a blessing from God Almighty, a cure for every disease, safety for every fearful, and a coolness despite all the fires that surround us in this world.
  • It is enough for a person to have a good heart in order for me to give him my eyes and die for him. A good heart is a precious jewel and a treasure whose value is known only to those who resemble it.
  • The person who has a good heart did not grow up to find him ready and ready for use, but rather he overcame all worldly desires until he reached this stage.
  • Do not praise the ignoble among the people, and you will increase his meanness, and praise the good from the people, so that his goodness will increase.
  • Oh God, grant me a good friend who will accompany me on this long path, and I sleep beside him, so that he does not betray me, and I turn away from him, so that he does not stab me in the back.

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Beautiful phrases about good hearts

A group of the most beautiful new and distinctive phrases about good hearts, which carry the sweetest words in describing and talking about them, we present to you as follows:

  • If you knew one person with a good heart, it would be better for you than knowing thousands of hateful people, who are many in this world.
  • A kind heart is a blessing from God and a gift that we must preserve and not make it vulnerable to breakage.
  • If you know someone who has a good heart, do not leave him, do not leave him, do not betray him, be for him as he was yours to remain yours.
  • A good heart is a double-edged sword, if you can it, you will gain a treasure that all human beings seek, and if you fail it, you will lose it forever.
  • Our problem in this life is that we lived it with good, naive hearts that did not realize the truth of its cruelty and continued injustice.
  • I beat with a good heart, I love with a good heart, and I am loyal to everyone I know with a good heart, even if they meet me on the contrary, God will suffice me and compensate me.

The most beautiful words about good hearts

Many of us are looking for the most beautiful words about the kind, tender and gentle hearts that can, before others, feel and appreciate the beauty in this world, and about these hearts the most beautiful words are as follows:

  • Despite the successive sorrows that the heart receives from people and fate, the kindness that it possesses enables it to overcome all harm.
  • Be pure of heart, no matter how hard time hurts you, and seek help from God to fulfill your needs, for He is sufficient for you and the best agent.
  • Take from me my life and all that I have and give me a good and pure heart that does not possess the hatred, envy and narrowness of the world.
  • A good heart is more beautiful than beautiful clothes and a beautiful face. O God, protect us with good hearts from the worlds.
  • Even if you have nothing to return the favor to people, it is enough to have a good heart, say a kind word, and behave in a kind manner.
  • There are hearts like stones or harder, and hearts like thorns or more harmful, and there are good and pure hearts, we ask God to be among them.

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Felt about the kindness of the heart

Words and phrases may betray us as we try to express the beauty of good and wonderful hearts, so we replace them with poetic verses and distinctive poems that can express these hearts with the most beautiful words as follows:

first poem

Don’t send tears

O oppressed and ahah

It is reap

When God finds it

people have lost

They have stories of their treachery

and kind hearted

No, by God, what is lost?

The second poem

May God turn hearts how happy I am with them.. when loved ones and friends have been neighbors

They have hands that I do not deny. They are purity and in my heart they have a home

The people of generosity do not hide their generosity.. they are the honorable and in the path of Al-Ula they walked

I will mention among the people their merit..a right upon me, even if I deny it is a disgrace

And it is not fulfilled, even though the line of the firefly is for them.. Turn the statement and do not miss poems

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Sayings about good hearts

A number of the most beautiful new and distinguished sayings and wisdom about good hearts, their importance, the beauty and the importance of having a good, healthy heart, free from all your rights and hate, and they are as follows:

  • I will live with a good heart no matter how hard the world tries to change this trait, for days have proven that my heart is the only one who saved me with its kindness.
  • I will continue to strive in this life and search among the hearts of people for a sincere and good heart that deserves me and deserves it, and I will not accept any heart I find on my way.
  • Hearts are small because they are like jewels, rare, if they are good, honest, pure and free from all malice or evil, while evil hearts are everywhere.
  • I will not regret any situation or thing that happened to me because of the kindness of my heart.
  • Good hearts are like the stars that fill the sky, they are many, but they are difficult to reach, and this is the tax of precious things.
  • How beautiful it is for a person to live with a pure and kind heart that is not preoccupied with hatred for anyone or envy because there is something in the hands of anyone, he is only preoccupied with happiness for himself and for people.

The most beautiful thing said about good hearts

Here we gather for you the most beautiful of what was said about good hearts in terms of sweet phrases and words written with gold water so that you can choose the most beautiful ones, and they are as follows:

  • A pure and pure heart is a precious gem, if you possess it, you own the whole world.
  • When we are young, the hardness of heart takes us to achieve our achievements, and as soon as we grow up a little we realize that only the one who kept his good heart was able to survive.
  • It is not about what you achieve while on the road, but about ending the road with a healthy heart, that is the most important thing.
  • A person with a good heart has a tremendous ability to attract people and convince them that life is still beautiful.
  • Meeting someone with a kind heart makes me feel beautiful and peaceful right away.
  • He who, besides his good heart, possesses a sound mind, has gained a great profit and attained what every man desires.

Wisdom about a good heart

Being kind is one of the most important qualities that each of us must have. In this regard, there are many wonderful wisdom and sayings that we present to you as follows:

  • Good hearts are beautiful and distinctive, and fill the soul with comfort and keep it away from all the things that occupy it from the mortal world.
  • Although life is violent and cruel and confronts you with the most deadly weapons, those few who have been able to defeat it have faced it only with a good heart and nothing more.
  • Oh God, make me one of those who will come to you on the Day of Resurrection with a healthy heart, and do not preoccupy me with trivial, mortal and unworthy matters of the world.
  • As for me, contrary to the rule, I think that most people have good and pure hearts, and only a few do not.
  • If you have a good heart, you can get some hurt. That’s right, if you don’t have one, you will get a lot of hurt.
  • People who have good hearts can captivate me and make me give them a lifetime if they want.

Posts about good hearts

For all fans and users of the famous Facebook application and website, we offer you a bouquet of the most beautiful and wonderful posts and publications about good hearts and their beauty to share with your loved ones, you can find them here:

  • It is important for a person to have a good heart in order to be able to go on in life.
  • The most beautiful quality in a person is not the color of the eyes, the shape of the face, or the type of dress he wears, but the heart. The heart, my dear, is the first to speak before your mouth does.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have money or a good reputation as it matters if you have a good heart, the former makes people love you, and the latter makes you love yourself
  • A noble man is the one who possesses courage in every field, shows generosity to every person, and has a kind heart that does not hold grudges.
  • Despite all that I have experienced in my life, I still have a good heart. It is not nice for a person to be proud of what he has, but I really wonder at my ability.
  • A good heart is not only good with the good people around it, but also good with the bad among them, it is good because it is like this and it can only be so.

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Beautiful pictures of good hearts

A number of beautiful, distinctive and diverse images that we collect for you with the most beautiful designs and distinctive phrases about good hearts suitable for cases and stories across all social networking sites, you can find them as follows:

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So here we have come to the conclusion of an article about beautiful words about good hearts, where we have mentioned many beautiful and distinctive phrases and words about heart medicine and the most beautiful short and beautiful poems and expressive images.

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