قصائد عن الشتاء ، اجمل ابيات شعر وخواطر عن فصل الشتاء

The topic of poems about winter, the most beautiful verses of poetry and thoughts about the winter season is one of those important topics that were raised with the advent of winter, which is considered one of the most distinguished seasons of the year, and which many people are keen to wait to enjoy its atmosphere that is unlike any other atmosphere, It is the season of rain and snow, the season of goodness and blessings, the quiet season that guarantees its supporters rituals of joy, psychological calm and isolation from noise and problems. Through the reference site, we are pleased to welcome the winter season and to present a group of the most beautiful thoughts, phrases and words about the new winter 2022, which includes a special package From poetry verses about winter 2021 AD.

Winter is coming 2021

Winter is one of the most distinguished seasons among its brothers from the other seasons of the year, as this annual season enjoys a very wide popular base in the world, based on waiting for it and anticipating its arrival dates from year to year, as if it were a family member, and the importance of this season stems from being The perfect season to relive the best beautiful memories with family and friends, and to go back in time to winter moments whose inscriptions have been engraved in the memory.[1]

It is worth noting that the winter season officially begins with the date of Tuesday, December 21, 2021 AD corresponding to the date of the 17th of Jumada Al-Ula / 1443 AH, after the preliminary period has worked to prepare the climate to receive this winter weather in its most accurate details. The temperature fluctuates and its measurements change, announcing the beginning of the winter season and the end of the high temperature phase, which brings happiness to the hearts of lovers of this annual season every year.

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The most beautiful thoughts about winter 2022

Despite the coldness of the winter weather, it is able to give people enough warmth to be able to draw that family atmosphere with the most beautiful words and distinctive phrases.

  • The winter season is one of the heavenly gifts that God Almighty has bestowed upon us, so that we should stay away as much as possible from all cases of anger, to isolate all wounds and get close to our family and families and restore the connecting threads to their place.
  • Winter is the season of nostalgia for yesterday, and the season of intersection of distances with tomorrow, it is the beautiful chaos that creates in us new horizons for work, winter is the master of seasons and the most beautiful rituals.
  • In the winter, the distances narrow so that we know that the real space is not in real estate and property, but rather in what we have from the people and loved ones, so Happy New Year, my loved ones of my heart and my partners in my soul.
  • Winter comes as every year, to see me waiting for it as in every year, but it is not like any previous year, every winter has new memories, because it is the season of making memories well, so welcome to winter.
  • Receiving the winter season is one of the features that brings happiness to my heart. It is a radical change in lifestyle and inclinations. It is a change that takes me to the last depths of my soul. Happy New Year on the occasion of another winter.
  • With the most beautiful expressions of love and the best colors of perfume, we welcome the Master of the Seasons and the Prince of Feelings, who makes our hearts rejoice with his arrival, and our souls ignite with love to meet him year after year, welcome to another winter.

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Poems about winter 2022

Poems are sweet and poetry is sweetened with those winter rituals that winter carries in its hands to its poets and writers.

  • A poem about winter, Nabati poetry. In this poem, the poet addressed the winter season in the most beautiful pictures, and it came as follows:

I show the cold of winter and the time and your silence *** The candles of the night have melted and the night burns them I compliment you by staying up and counting your looks *** And watch when your sweet word uttered it and left me and left the tightness of your diaspora *** And the ribs of my chest the gusts of the night clap it And if you come to me I said You know yesterday and what you missed *** What I said, I would like to believe it, your destiny has fallen, and you have not come down from yourself *** and I have not downloaded your picture of me hanging by the greatness of the preciousness, tell me I don’t see your mistakes *** I feel the mistake and the eye is closed, I have a friend who is ashamed by your stars *** Know the greed of passion and what color does he love and read the story And repeat your words *** from the setting of the sun until its rising

  • The poem Winter Has Come, by the poet Nizar Qabbani, who depicted the state of love in the advent of winter amidst distinct and unique feelings, we chose for you the following:

If winter comes and the wind moves my curtains, I feel, my love, that I need to cry on your arms on my notebooks, and the nightingales are cut off, and all the birds are without homes, bleeding begins in my heart and in my fingers, as if the rain in the sky is falling, my friend, inside me. Like a ship weary, like a migratory bird, looking for a lighted window, looking for a roof in the darkness of the strands, and slaying the perfumes of the field, and hid the stars in his gloomy cloak, Coming to sorrow from the evening grotto, Coming as a strange, pale child, wet cheeks and robe, I open the door to this beloved visitor I give him the bed and the blanket I give him all What he wants, where did the sadness come from, my love? And how did it come?

Phrases about the arrival of winter 2022

The most beautiful poetry verses about winter 2022

The winter season enjoys a large popular base among the poets and intellectuals, as it is the season that comes to them with the rituals they love that help to expand the river of nostalgia in them to write it in the most beautiful pictures, and in this we convey to you the most beautiful poetry about winter:

  • From the poem Ya Bard, in which the poet drew a distinctive painting of nostalgia, we have chosen for you the following:

Oh, cold, fear God. Why did you dug up a memory of it in the henna? If I were to wear a jacket from the cold, what would warm the naked wounds?

The cold in the ribs of the nights seemed to come, like the cold of loss, not the embrace of longing

  • From the poem Winter Night, which is one of the distinguished romantic poems, and we have chosen for you the following verses:

They said the winter’s night is long *** and lovers sleep in it little I said to my beloved *** So the dawn kindled a fuse for its light.

  • Verses from the poem Do not despair with winter, in which the poet depicted feelings of hope for change with verses, the most prominent of which were:

Do not despair, the winter night will clear *** and the dawn will shriek the sound of nightingales and a fragrant flower will chant *** What happens about a coming spring And the long winter night has returned *** And sleepless nights and pain and wailing have returned.

  • Nabatean poetry verses about winter, which is one of the distinctive colors of poetry among our people in the Arabian Gulf, and we have chosen for you the following:

The dry is like winter, cold, and frost, and the heart continues to be the sweetest warmth. Winter has fallen from the balcony of time and I am collecting wood for the memory of nostalgia and pain. Winter nights are nostalgia and memories, the night is long and the sideburns are long. And the whole winter night began with nostalgia that I would never forget and I would not remain so sad.

Phrases about the beautiful weather 2022

The most beautiful poem about the coming of winter 2022

Arabic poetry was among the first to wait for the coming of winter because it is the most distinguished season for every poet, based on the beauty of the poetic atmosphere that increases poetry’s ability to attend and focus. The poets addressed it in their poems, the most prominent of which came as follows:

  • The poem “The Winter’s Return”, by the poet Akram Al-Zoubi, we have chosen for you the following verses:

Unusually in elegance, winter came, his eyeliner did not cover the stars, nor was his white a summer cloud. Drought said the old Swallow and then called her people to leave, but a bird in the swaddling smile on her face said: Unusually in the deception, winter will return to us.

  • A sad poem about winter, which is one of the songs that were sung, and the poet addressed this chapter with feelings of sadness and pain, and the most beautiful of what was stated:

This year’s winter tells me that I’ll die alone One winter like him One winter tells me this evening that I’ll die alone one evening like him One evening And that my past years were for nothing And that I’m living in the open The first leaves of the tree, then it fell when the first drop of rain fell, and that every cold night increases it in dimension within the stone, and that the warmth of summer, if it comes to wake it, will not extend through the snow its arms bearing a response, and the winter of this year tells me that my body is sick and my breath is thorns, and that every step in its midst is an adventure And I may die before a man catches up with another in the crowded city, I die, no one knows me, I die, no one cries, and it may be said among my companions in the councils of the congregation, his council was here, and he crossed over with whom he crossed, may God have mercy on him, that what I thought healed was my poison, and that this poetry when it shook me

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A poem about winter for the beloved 2022

It is one of the appropriate times for poetry in the midst of those cold climates that have no alternative to the warmth of feelings to pass through. The poets dealt with these moments with the most beautiful poetic images that they drew with the coldness of hearts and the fire of longing, and in this we list to you a poem by the poet Nizar Qabbani in which he expressed those feelings in the most beautiful verses of poetry , according to:

And the promise was that she would come in winter, the winter was gone.. and the spring had passed her embroidered, and there was no beautiful dress. There is no shawl on our corns, and every friendly bird has migrated, and the goodness died, and the trunks fell, and the meek hut did not rejoice in you.

As the baby vineyard fades and in October, in the singing firewood and in the vineyard of clouds in my country and in the stars in my homeland you are lost to it Before, the roots are not guided nor the pronouns and the ribs claim the smell of the pastures I come when I kiss the fields and kiss me on the lips of the spring with my body, from your love, a fragrance that is lost

Will Hell be extinguished .. Is it possible? Do not be afraid of winter nor its forces, I love you.. no limit is my passion, and I do not claim pronouns and ribs, I smell in you the scent of pastures and the herd gasps in your braids.. I accept as fields kiss it and lick me on the lips of the spring I am like a field from you.

Romantic poetic phrases about winter 2022

It is one of the phrases that adorn the websites and platforms of communication with this annual occasion that accompanies many feelings and distinctive qualities. The most prominent of these phrases are as follows:

  • Winter, oh nostalgia of the heart, and oh light of the years, is the season in which it is good for us to see loved ones, and good for us to reach them. Oh God, do not deprive us of those beautiful feelings, and do not show us bad in them.
  • Love is like roses that grow on the back of a heart, for it is not able to withstand the cold of winter, nor can it withstand the heat of summer, so I put you in my heart, my love of my life, and I will not give up on that place.
  • Winter brings, as every year, memories of the first love that is not repeated, memories of childhood, youth, and adolescence at the doors of the little darlings, so how can this heart forget or lose its way from drawing the way to you.
  • To the sweetheart of a lifetime that winter carries for me in a white dress of snow, here I am carrying my life to exchange a pure gift for the kindness of your heart, provided that you visit me every winter as the beloved visits her love.
  • There is no energy for a heart to fight those feelings that winter ignites in our corners, I have no energy to connect you and no energy to forget, for here I am since your separation, neither summer nor winter.
  • Oh, cruel-hearted, princess of the seasons. As for the time for all the femininity of the universe, to retreat from the sea of ​​your eyes, to take a sip. Is it not time for me to tear the distances of absence and reach the arenas of your beautiful love, our winter date.

Here we bring you to the end of the article in which we dealt with poems about winter, the most beautiful verses of poetry and thoughts about the winter season, and we moved through its lines and paragraphs so that the reader brother has known about the winter season of 2022 AD and a bouquet of the most beautiful poems about the winter season and the most beautiful thoughts and poetic phrases in the season Winter 2022 AD.

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