التصرف الصحيح عند زواج الزوج

The correct behavior when the husband gets married is something that all women whose husbands have recently married or who feel that their husbands want to marry them want to know the correct way to deal with them in order to preserve their homes and their rights in their husbands and the rights of their children to take care of their father and stay by his side. The reference in this article mentions the correct way that a person who finds out about her husband’s marriage must act by it again so that she can protect her life and the lives of her children from collapse.

Reasons for a husband marrying a second wife

Sometimes men marry their women without convincing reasons and their women do not fail in their rights just because they feel a desire for other women, but in other times there can be many reasons why a man marries a woman other than his wife, and these reasons are:[1]

  • The wife’s mistreatment of her husband and his family: If the wife mistreats her husband or family members, her husband will often resort to marrying her to another woman who respects him, respects his family and is good at dealing politely with the people around her.
  • The wife’s lack of interest in her home and her children: the most important reasons for the marriage of any man in the world is to have a quiet, clean and well-groomed house and polite children who are brought up well. Because of his first wife’s lack of interest in the house and children.
  • The wife’s frequent criticism of her husband and her lack of appreciation for him: The wife’s frequent criticism of her husband will often lead to a weakening of his self-confidence and his manhood, which may make him alienate his wife and marry her to another woman who increases his confidence in himself and makes him feel the love that he misses getting from his first wife.
  • Wife’s sterility: Arab men generally consider the large number of children to be their pride and pride. Therefore, a wife’s sterility often leads to her husband’s divorce or marriage to her, with the desire to have children from his blood who would bear his name and help him in his old age.
  • Increasing the husband’s desire: If the husband’s sexual desire is high in relation to the desire of his wife, he will often marry another woman in order to absolve himself from falling into the forbidden.
  • The wife’s lack of interest in her appearance: All men like to see their wives beautiful and sexy all the time, so the wife’s lack of interest in her appearance, cleanliness and smell will often lead to her husband marrying another woman who satisfies his sexual desires and needs and fills his heart and mind.

Is the husband’s marriage to his wife a test?

A husband’s marriage to his wife is one of the most difficult trials that a wife can go through because it robs her of a large part of her psychological comfort and her husband’s interest in her and her children. It also robs her of a large part of his money allocated to their home as well. It is done only by the order of God Almighty and His law that He legislates for humans to straighten their lives and be disciplined, and God only legislates goodness and commands nothing but it, and He, Most High, knows and knows best what is right for the life of every human being. Her husband must know that this marriage is good for her, even if she does not know that.[2]

Ruling on a man marrying his wife without a reason

The correct behavior when marrying a husband

A husband’s marriage to another woman over his wife is one of the biggest calamities that can plague the wife, which leads to confusion in her thinking and her inability to think and act properly, so to help the wives whose husbands marry them to overcome the crisis of the husband’s marriage to a second wife successfully and as little as possible Among the losses, we clarify the correct way that the wife must act upon discovering her husband’s marriage to another woman in the following lines:


The wife, if she learns about her husband’s marriage to another woman, should try to maintain her psychological peace and to trust her strength and self so that she can successfully cross the psychological crisis caused by her husband’s marriage to another woman, and so that she can also take care of her children and avoid the bad influence that their father’s marriage may cause to her. A woman is their mother on their mental health.

Think carefully and don’t make hasty decisions

Some wives, upon discovering that their husbands marry other women, get angry with the husband, quarrel with him completely, and declare war on him. In fact, these actions are completely wrong and often will cause enormous damage to the wife and her children if the husband is a stubborn or stubborn man, as this often leads to desertion. The husband to his wife and perhaps his children as well, or abandoning his responsibilities towards them to harm his wife psychologically, so the wife should be slow and think carefully before taking any reaction that may cause harm to her or her children.

Not to ask for a divorce if the husband will be fair between the two wives

In many cases, women who have been subjected to their husbands’ marriage resort to asking for a divorce from the husband despite their certainty that he will do justice between them and other wives. In fact, this act is one of the worst actions that wives whose husbands marry them can do as it will lead to Depriving them of their privileges as wives and depriving their children of having their father with them in one house and possibly affecting them financially as well. Therefore, the wife should not ask for divorce if her husband is just, and she should be satisfied with God’s decree and destiny, and she should know that what happened is good for her even if she does not know his side.

Work on improving the character and avoiding previous mistakes

Often the husband’s marriage to his wife is due to the presence of a certain deficiency in the wife, which prompted her husband to marry another woman who fulfills his needs that his wife could not meet. her husband and reforming him in order to attract her husband to her and her children and to prevent the new wife from possessing him and to distance him from his first wife and children from her.

Avoiding the mistreatment of the second wife by the husband

Sometimes the first wife can mistreat the second wife to her husband because she is angry with her for having married her husband, which leads to the first wife appearing malicious and mischievous and establishing her image in the minds of those around her as being a bad wife and deserving of her husband marrying another woman as a punishment for her Therefore, the first wife must be careful not to expose her husband’s second wife and not deal with her or try to harm her in any way so as not to offend her image and waste her dignity.

How to receive a husband after marrying another woman

Wives are usually unable to determine the ideal way in which they should receive their husbands after learning about their husbands’ marriage to another woman. To help these women, we show the way to receive the husband after he takes the step of the second marriage in the following lines:

  • Extreme calm: The wife should be as calm as possible and not shout at her husband, insult him or provoke him because this can be counterproductive.
  • Self-confidence: The wife must have self-confidence and not feel crushed in front of her husband, and realize that her husband’s marriage to her does not undermine her femininity and does not detract from her worth, and that all women, no matter how beautiful they are, are prone to stand up.
  • Dealing normally: the wife should deal naturally and not feel her husband’s anger or jealousy, so that he does not feel his importance to her, so he is superior to her.
  • Emphasizing that the husband is responsible for the family: The wife should sit with the husband upon his return home and tell him that his marriage did not affect his responsibility for the family in terms of protection and spending, and that she would not accept that her life and the lives of her children had deviated from the standard in which they used to live.
  • Deciding rights and duties: The wife should ask her husband to decide the rights and duties resulting from the second marriage in terms of maintenance, accommodation, etc., so that she knows how she will arrange her life.

How to distract oneself from the husband after marrying another woman

After the husband marries another woman, his interest in his first wife will often decrease or disappear completely, especially in the first days of the second marriage. Therefore, his first wife should occupy herself with him so as not to waste her dignity by caring for him while ignoring her, and the first wife can distract herself from her husband who Marry her by doing one of the following:

  • Exercise and meditation exercises.
  • Learn a new language or take up an old, forgotten hobby.
  • Interest in strengthening the relationship with children and hiking with them in new places.
  • Calling girlfriends, meeting them, going to cute women’s gatherings.
  • Memorizing the Noble Qur’an and studying the sciences of religion and jurisprudence.
  • Find a good job and create a successful career.

The experiences of wives who married their husbands

Many wives who have suffered from the marriage of their husbands to another woman are looking for the experiences of other women who have suffered from the marriage of their husbands to others so that they can know the best way to act with the husband and what the life situations of each of the spouses will lead to over time, and to help them we mention the experiences of some women who suffered From the husband’s marriage for a second time in the following lines:

I left my husband after his marriage

The owner of this experience tells of what happened in her life after her husband married and left him. She says:

  • A year ago, I found out that my husband had married another woman because she was younger and more beautiful than me and left me to raise the children alone, which broke me psychologically and made me lose my self-confidence.
  • I spent a period of time feeling very depressed and could not take care of my home and my children but with the passage of time I started to regain my vitality and decided to separate from my husband because he betrayed me after all these beautiful years we lived together.
  • At first, it was difficult, but with time, life began to organize again, especially since my ex-husband did not abandon the children and continued to commit to spending on them, taking care of them, and seeing them twice a week.
  • Now a year has passed since my ex-husband married another woman and he had a son with her. As for me, I live with my children in my house while their father takes care of them, and I feel psychologically comfortable because I did not accept my husband to marry another woman while I was still in his own life.

I left my husband after he got married

The owner of this experience tells of what happened in her life after she left her husband and abandoned him because of his marriage to another woman. She says:

  • My husband and I used to live a wonderful life full of affection, but suddenly I found out that he was in love with another woman and had already married her, which made life take over in my eyes and made me very angry.
  • As soon as I learned of my husband’s secret marriage to another woman, I deserted him, left the house, took my children, and went to my parents’ house.
  • I spent a period in my family’s house during which my husband tried to bring me home many times, but I could not accept dealing with him or living with him in one house and decided to get a divorce.
  • Although I had taken the decision to divorce, I felt how much love my children had for their father and I remembered the good days we spent together, so I decided to back off and went back to my house, not to talk to my husband and not to deal with more than what we need to discuss about the children only.
  • After a while, I noticed my husband’s extreme fairness between me and his second wife, which made me adapt to her presence over time.
  • With time my husband and I began to return to normal and he divided the week between me and his second wife, I can’t say I’ve completely forgiven him, but I no longer feel as angry at him as I did in the past.

Does a man regret after a second marriage?

When is divorce the solution after the husband’s marriage?

Although divorce is one of the worst ways that a wife can resort to after her husband’s marriage, in some cases it is the only solution to maintain the psychological integrity of the wife and children, improve their lives and help them overcome the ordeal of the husband’s marriage to another woman. These cases are:

  • The wife’s inability to deal with her husband and give him his marital rights because she feels betrayed and hated by him.
  • If the husband is not fair between his two wives in spending the night or spending.
  • If the husband abuses his wife or insults her.
  • If the husband decides on his own that he does not want to continue marrying his first wife and wants to divorce her.

Husband’s rights if the wife asks for a divorce

Usually, the husband’s second marriage is so cruel to his first wife that it confuses her mind and makes her unable to act properly. Therefore, we have shown in this article the correct behavior when the husband marries to help the women whose husbands marry them to act correctly and properly that preserves their dignity and rights as wives.

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