اروع ما قيل عن الخذلان

The most wonderful of what was said about betrayal, which is considered one of the feelings that afflict the hearts and suffer greatly from it, and we search for the finest words and the most beautiful words that can describe our feelings and explain the pain we are going through. Distinctive verses.

The most wonderful thing that was said about betrayal

A collection of the most beautiful sayings and the most wonderful phrases about betrayal, we collect for you to share immediately through various social media, which are as follows:

  • The worst thing about betrayal is that it leaves you alone that you can’t share with anyone, forces you to isolate people and sit in one of the corners of your heart trying to explain what happened.
  • Betrayal is a painful feeling that only comes from the people closest to our hearts, and this is the tax of excessive trust that we put in one of them.
  • I often wonder how a person can overcome betrayal, how he can choose this when it means to delete an entire person and entire memories from his memory.
  • Betrayal means abandoning a person, no matter how dear he is to your heart. He teaches us not to put our trust in anyone too much.
  • The real problem is that betrayal does not happen to a person from the first moments, but rather after months and days and very long memories that were and will remain for her a very big cherished.
  • We search in ourselves for consolation for the disappointment we feel and do not find, and we do not know when our hearts will heal from this deep wound caused by one of our loved ones.

Beautiful phrases about betrayal

A number of beautiful phrases about betrayal that express what our hearts are going through and the feelings that overflow from our chests about feeling betrayed. You can find them as follows:

  • I sleep on worry and wake up on disappointment, and all of this is because of you, so I ask you honestly, are you happy now with what I have reached?
  • Today I can’t take any more betrayal, so I promise myself I won’t trust anyone too much.
  • The height of betrayal is that it comes to you from someone you thought was your whole life and that he could not do something similar.
  • Now I’m starting to feel that I’m getting too old and too weak to experience such a letdown, so I’ll have kindness in my heart and make it my priority.
  • I learned from your association that no one in this world is safe and secure. I learned not to leave my heart to anyone vulnerable to betrayal.
  • I do not know to whom I complain of all this weakness and betrayal that he commanded except for God Almighty, He alone is able to redress my mind.

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Sayings about Al-Khelan

A bouquet of the most beautiful sayings about betrayal, new and distinctive.

  • How can you break my heart with so much force and without regard for my feelings, as if you were deliberately trying to make me let down and leave me sad.
  • And here is a new lesson from life called betrayal, that teaches me not to depend on anyone and not wait for anyone to be honest.
  • And despite all my efforts to keep you in my heart, you met me with desperate attempts to make me feel let down, thank you.
  • What betrayal I feel now as I watch you move away from me, and desert me unjustly, and without providing any convincing reason, or excuse I am trying to convince myself of.
  • How beautiful betrayal if the tax to stay away from everyone who tires us and drains our energies in this life, how beautiful it is, even if it multiplied many times.
  • I’m better today than ever, it’s true that I feel a great deal of let down, but I know that I will recover one day as long as I stay away from some people.

Stories about betrayal

For all those looking for the most beautiful stories about betrayal, we offer you a package of the most wonderful stories and appropriate cases for various means of communication, as follows:

  • I gave you my heart of glass so that you could see the feelings of love in it, and I held it with the grip of cruelty and it broke in your hands, and I left it empty of all feelings except for betrayal.
  • How I envy you for this boldness and unjust power that you have, you smile and be happy in your life and leave me in all this betrayal.
  • And here I am alone between four walls, and no one shares with me in the long nights of sleep except the feeling of being let down and from whom? One of the people closest to my heart.
  • Your humiliation has caused my heart to break, which I do not think will ever be, a mixture of painful feelings that cannot be expressed in words.
  • I don’t know what I did for you to meet me with all this betrayal, treachery and denial, I can only thank you for at least not pretending this.
  • I loved you above love with love, and you gave me a betrayal above pain that I can’t live with now, and I don’t think I will ever be able to do this.

Words of reproach about betrayal and lying

Felt the betrayal

Words and phrases may betray us in expressing our feelings, so we replace them with the finest poetic verses that express our feelings of failure, which are as follows:

It is my nature to repay evil with kindness

And I’m in awe of the damned conditions of time


I mean, for an eye that honors a city

Perfect is God and error is the nature of man

The path separates from the left and right

The friend who has a goat and has a business

If Janie Bashina remembered Zina,

Many people have betrayed me

Embarrass me until the word of God helps him

Talk about feeling let down

Distinguished and wonderful words about feeling let down, we present to you to choose the most beautiful of these phrases and share them with the most precious people, which are as follows:

  • The height of the pain is to feel betrayed by someone and not be able to reveal this feeling to him, to have to make joy and happiness in front of him.
  • Betrayal is a heavy feeling on the heart that makes us feel that the soul is burning and energy is draining, and that life has become too slow.
  • The feeling of betrayal has accompanied me for many years, and every day I discover a new betrayal from one of those close to me, and I do not know when this long comic series will end.
  • We must overcome our feelings of betrayal, not for the sake of those who hate us, but for our own sake, as we are more important than anyone in this life.
  • It is the same story that we all experience in every period of our lives, it is the excessive happiness that suddenly disappears from our lives due to the feeling of betrayal.
  • You wronged me, hurt me and made me feel so let down, I honestly didn’t expect this from you, and I still can’t comprehend what happened.

Talk about disappointment and betrayal

Disappointment and betrayal are one of the worst feelings that visit us from time to time while we are on the journey of life, so we express it with the most wonderful words that have been said about betrayal as follows:

  • The feeling of being let down is not only from someone you loved, but it may be from the fate that always disappoints you over and over again.
  • I ask God to heal my heart from this bitter feeling of betrayal, which I do not know if I will be able to overcome.
  • I used to think that I was immune and that I was stronger than any betrayal that I had commanded, except when the betrayal came from you, for this is more than I can bear.
  • Betrayal was never on your part, I was very tired and I feel pain that I don’t know how to get over.
  • Oh God, I complain to You the injustice of the people closest to me, and my feeling of betrayal to the point where I cannot lead a normal life.
  • This heart has been let down so many times that it no longer cares for anyone, no longer trusts anyone, and no longer feels at all.

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Sad words about betrayal

Many of us are keen to search for the most capable words to express our feelings, which are summarized in disappointment, sadness and pain, so we offer you the most beautiful words about them here:

  • Even if you meet me with betrayal, I will not give up and I will not weaken and my roses will not wither, but I will resist and I will remain more beautiful and more beautiful and you alone will lose in the end.
  • If you feel let down now, remember that God, the Generous, is able to break your heart, to honor you in your life, and to compensate you with good.
  • Life may be measured by the number of disappointments a person goes through and the betrayal that controls his heart, but I will measure it with moments of happiness and I will not allow anyone to let me down.
  • After feeling let down, all it takes is some calm and staying away from reviewing situations, but focusing on reconciling yourself and your heart and asking for the best from God.
  • Only he who fears for his heart will feel betrayed, the one who locks himself within imaginary walls that keep him away from people.
  • After I came to you complaining about the injustice and betrayal of the closest people to me, I became the source of the betrayal. I do not know what cruelty helped you to commit this.

Thoughts about betrayal

The feeling of betrayal forces a person to meditate on this life, which makes a person able to write thoughts that would express him. Here is the most wonderful thing that was said about betrayal as follows:

  • Those who have failed me are only those whom I trusted, so a person should know where to put his trust and whom to trust.
  • I became lonely after being repeatedly let down by the people I trusted and loved, so I stopped trusting people and seemed to stop loving too.
  • If the ones I loved were against me, I would have confronted you, but they lined up behind me to betray me and leave me prey to betrayal that gnaws at me from wherever it wants.
  • The real disappointment was when I watched you walk away forgetting everything we had been through together, without bothering to make any kind of excuse.
  • Feeling let down today is the result of my confidence and kindness yesterday, so I promise myself to be tougher tomorrow.
  • The feeling of being let down is my childhood companion to this day, so it’s no stranger to me, it’s really strange that I trusted you and let you be the cause of it.

Phrases about betrayal

Posts about betrayal

For all fans and users of the famous Facebook application and website, we offer you a collection of the most beautiful posts and publications about feeling let down, as follows:

  • Betrayal is a feeling of bitterness that accompanies us when we trust someone too much.
  • This betrayal that I am going through will only be a stage that I will soon forget, and I will come back better than before, God willing.
  • The worst thing about betrayal is that it can only be solved by rejecting a lover, and the problem is that the lover is the main cause of it.
  • I will get over this betrayal one day, that’s my nature, I trust someone too much and then they let me down and then come back stronger.
  • Days will pass, and you will erase all this feeling of disappointment, and I will stand tall with my head held high, then it will be your turn to feel remorse.
  • Betrayal is a pain that accompanies us and with it we feel that we have weakened and become helpless in front of it.

The most beautiful words about betrayal

A number of the most beautiful words about feeling betrayed, and the most wonderful thing that was said about betrayal and sadness from the people closest to us, we present to you as follows:

  • When someone mentions betrayal in front of me, I see the image of your face automatically and directly, as if you became the meaning of this word in my mind and sentimental.
  • I’ve never been so disappointed as I feel today because of you, my only consolation is that I thought it made you happy, be happy and stay happy.
  • Painful is the feeling that you have lost someone you considered the most precious thing you have in this world, painful is betrayal, and it is unfortunate that it is because of you.
  • You were the most beautiful thing and person in my life, and I remained that way until I was the cause of all this disappointment I feel.
  • I consider myself really strong, that I was able to get over you and forget all the sorrows that accompanied my heart because of you.
  • I did not choose solitude and loneliness of my own free will.

Phrases about betrayal and the most beautiful short words about betrayal in love

Pictures of feeling let down

A group of new and distinctive images of feeling let down, we collect for you to choose the most beautiful and share it through various accounts as follows:

Talk about treachery from the closest people

Here, we have come to the conclusion of an article about the most wonderful thing that was said about betrayal, as we included a group of the most beautiful words and the most wonderful and unique phrases about betrayal and ready to share immediately.

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