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A very accurate personality analysis test is a title that many people are looking for, who want to analyze their personalities and the personalities of the people around them and know the way the people they deal with see them and reach an understanding of the reasons for their refuge and the resort of those around them to take different behaviors in the situations they are going through in So in this article, the reference site shows the best personality analysis test to help those who want to get an accurate analysis of their personality to get it.

Introduction to personality test

The personality of the individual is the sum of his feelings and behaviors that appear in different situations, whether these situations occur during soft times or under pressure. The motives for their behavior or the reasons that led them to take certain reactions in some situations, and here appears the role of psychoanalysis, which is a set of questions that are directed to the person wishing to analyze his personality in order to answer them and through the answer he provides, his personality is classified under one of the types Personalities, for example, a person can be a leader, introvert, violent or pacifist, etc. Psychoanalysis is of great importance to psychiatrists and individuals alike as it clarifies people’s motives, making fixing their wrong behaviors very easy by convincing them with new ideas Correct to change their motives and make them more human and balanced.

Character analysis of avatars

How to solve a personality test

If a person’s analysis test is solved wrongly, or if the person who is solving the test is not honest in his answers, this will lead to his personality not being classified correctly and the test result being corrupted. Therefore, the person who solves the personality test must follow the following rules so that the test result is correct Expressing his true personality:[1]

  • Answer the questions honestly: The person who solves the personality test questions must answer the questions honestly and he should not worry about the result, as all the characters are distinguished and wonderful and equal to each other in quality, which means that manipulating the answers will not lead to classifying the person’s personality with a better personality than his real personality Rather, it will lead to the wrong analysis and classification of his personality, which makes him unable to understand himself correctly.
  • Dealing with questions with openness: Sometimes the person who does the personality test may find that the questions are boring, silly, or too many, but he must deal with them with openness, as they are all important to analyze and accurately classify his personality.
  • Understand the questions well: Sometimes the questions are a little convoluted, so the person being tested must give himself enough time to understand the questions well so that he can answer them correctly that reflect his true personality.
  • Answer automatically: The brain’s automatic answers as soon as it understands the question are often the most correct, so the tester must answer with them.
  • Distance from neutrality: In most cases, the answers to psychological test questions are yes, no or neutral, and the person being tested should try to stay away from neutral answers as much as possible and state his true feelings so that the analysis of his personality is accurate and complete.

The difference between a personality test and a psychoanalytic test

In most cases, the general public confuses the psychoanalytic test with the personality analysis test because both are based on psychology and were created by psychiatrists and consist of many questions that a person must answer in order to be analyzed, but despite that, the personality analysis test is different from the test Psychoanalysis is completely different, as the personality analysis test is concerned with analyzing the natural personality of individuals to classify them according to the classifications of human characters and to determine the most appropriate ways to deal with belonging to each of the classifications and to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their personalities. The appropriate treatment for them and how the doctor should follow to treat them from their mental illnesses. Also, the personality analysis test can be done by the person for himself. As for the psychoanalytic test, it can only be done under the supervision of a specialist doctor to protect people from delusion of mental illnesses that they do not really suffer from.

Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western personality styles

Very accurate personality test

The most accurate personality analysis test in the current century is the MBTI test, which divides human personalities into sixteen personalities under four different classifications. Each classification expresses the general orientation of the feelings and thoughts of the characters falling under it. Here we mention everything related to the MBTI test in detail:[2]

MBTI Test Story

The first appearance of this test was by the psychologist Carl Jung, who was one of Freud’s students and then became independent from him with his ideas. Jung created this test to be an easy way to analyze people’s personalities without having to spend long hours listening to their memories and aspirations, as this test is based on behavior analysis. And feelings, not events, but because the test was very complicated at the beginning, Young did not care about it and considered it a failed project. The personality types analysis test and its idea were forgotten for many years until a writer named Catherine Briggs appeared who had read about this test and liked it a lot, so she simplified the theories on which it was built Its foundations were laid in its current form, which is a set of questions whose answers determine the classification and personality style of the individual being tested, and although the test was tight, many psychologists attacked it at its inception for their inability to understand the idea on which it is based, which prompted Catherine Briggs To sell it to major companies and institutions for use in analyzing the personalities of employees nominated for important positions and when the importance of the test appeared after its use by institutions and companies Rakat was adopted by psychologists, developed and revised to be an expression of the personality of the individual who wants to do a complete personality analysis.

MBTI Test Benefit

The MBTI test offers many benefits to the person who uses it to analyze their personality:

  • The test helps people who analyze their personality through it to better understand themselves.
  • The test gives individuals who analyze their personalities through it an answer to their question about the reason why they can communicate with some types of personalities and cannot communicate with others.
  • The test identifies the person whose personality is analyzed by him as to why he tends to work in certain jobs and to think and behave in a certain way.
  • The test highlights people’s strengths so they can develop and their weaknesses so they can get rid of them.

MBTI Test Questions

The MBTI test directs many sentences to the person who wants to analyze and categorize his personality and the person who analyzes his personality must answer with approval, disagreement or neutrality by selecting one of the seven selection bubbles that define approval and disagreement and their scores, while the degree of neutrality is between them, and the test consists of 60 sentences are:

  • You find it difficult to introduce yourself to others

  • You get so caught up in your thoughts that you ignore or forget what’s around you.

  • You try to reply to your emails as soon as possible and you don’t want to see your inbox disorganized.

  • You find it easy to stay relaxed and focused even with some stress.

  • You don’t usually want to start conversations.

  • You rarely do something out of sheer curiosity.

  • You feel better than others.

  • Organizing is more important to you than adapting.

  • You are usually very motivated and energetic.

  • Making sure no one gets harassed is more important to you than winning an argument.

  • You often feel as if you have to justify your actions to others.

  • Your home and work environment is fairly organized.

  • You don’t have to be the center of others’ attention.

  • You see that you are more practical than innovative.

  • People can rarely harass you.

  • Your travel plans are often well thought out.

  • It is often difficult for you to communicate people’s feelings to others.

  • Your mood is volatile.

  • In any discussion the truth should be more important than the sensitive issues of individuals.

  • You rarely worry about how your actions will affect others.

  • Your working style is closer to a random, energy-intensive approach than to a structured, hands-on approach.

  • You are always jealous of others

  • A fun book or video game is often better than any social occasion.

  • The ability to make a plan and stick to it is the most important part of the daily project.

  • You rarely get carried away by fantasies and ideas.

  • You often get caught up in thought when walking through the landscape.

  • When someone doesn’t reply to your email quickly, you get anxious thinking you said something wrong.

  • If you were a parent would you rather see your child grow up being kind rather than smart

  • Don’t allow others to influence your actions.

  • Your dreams focus on reality and its events.

  • It doesn’t take long to start participating in social activities in your new workplace.

  • You are more inclined to spontaneous improvisation than careful planning.

  • Your feelings control you more than you control them.

  • It is fun to go to social events that include fun activities.

  • You often spend a lot of time exploring ideas that are unrealistic, impractical, and exciting at the same time.

  • You’d rather improvise than think of coming up with a detailed plan.

  • You are a somewhat reserved and calm person.

  • If you are a business owner, you will find it very difficult to fire loyal employees despite their poor performance.

  • You often think about the reasons for human existence.

  • Logic is usually more important than feelings when it comes to making important decisions.

  • Open options are more important to you than having a to-do list.

  • If your friend is feeling sad about something, you are more likely to offer emotional support rather than suggesting different ways to deal with the problem.

  • You rarely feel insecure.

  • Don’t find it difficult to set a personal schedule and stick to it.

  • Being right is more important than being cooperative when it comes to teamwork.

  • It holds that everyone’s views should be respected regardless of whether they are supported by facts or not.

  • You feel more energetic after spending time with a group of people.

  • You often misplace your things.

  • You see yourself as very stable on the emotional side.

  • Your mind is always confused with unexplored plans and ideas.

  • You don’t see that you are a dreamer.

  • You usually find it difficult to feel relaxed when speaking in front of a large number of people.

  • It depends more on your experience than on your imagination in general.

  • You worry a lot about what other people think.

  • If the room is full, you stay close to the walls, and avoid staying in the middle.

  • You tend to put off until there isn’t enough time to do everything.

  • You feel very anxious in stressful situations.

  • You see that loving others is much more important than being strong. Always interested in unconventional and mysterious things, for example books, art, or movies.

  • Often takes the initiative in social situations

After answering the questions, the person who took the test must click on the word “Result” so that the test result that contains his personality pattern and everything related to it appears in a detailed and accurate manner.

Questions in psychology and personality analysis

Personality ratings according to the MBTI test

Personalities in the MBTI test are categorized into four categories, and each classification contains four types of personality. The personalities of each personality classification combine a specific trait that is the dominant trait in their behavior and motives, as follows:

Analyzed characters

Analyzed personalities are characterized by their logical mentalities that are biased only to the truth. They believe in only one thing, which is that reason and logic are above all.

  • The engineer.
  • logical.
  • Leader.
  • axes.


Diplomats are one of the most idealistic personalities. They always try to reach perfection in all their actions and words. This is due to the fact that they are very sensitive and cannot bear the idea of ​​being hurtful to those around them, or causing them sadness or distress, they are kind, affectionate and an example of good people as they should be and the characters are divided Analyzed into four personality types:

  • Lawyer.
  • Mediator.
  • Hero.
  • The fighter.

Organized characters

The organizers are generally the administrative people who are suitable for managing and dealing with large groups of people as required by the proper functioning of the work.

  • logistical.
  • defender.
  • Executive.
  • Consul.

explorer characters

Explorers are risk lovers and masters of creativity. They are usually distinguished in freelance and artistic works because they love to explore everything new and can come up with many innovative ideas that bring them big money and help them get the admiration of those around them. The explorers are divided into four types of characters:

  • the artist.
  • adventurer;
  • Entrepreneur.
  • worshiper.

In recent times, personality analysis tests have become very popular because they help people understand themselves and those around them, so we have explained in this article the best very accurate personality analysis test so that every person can analyze his personality through it and give it to those around him to use in analyzing their personalities as well, which helps to define Humans explain the reasons for their different behaviors from each other and facilitate communication between them by introducing them to each other’s psychological motives, which helps them to find common points of contact between them.

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