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Types of vagina

Are there different types of vagina? It is the vagina Vagina Being a closed muscular canal extending from the vulva to the cervix,[١]As for the vulva vulva, which is defined as the outer part of the female genital organs, which protects the female genitals, represented by the opening of the urinary tract and the vestibule of the vagina and the vagina itselfThe vulva is the center of a woman’s response to sexual arousal.[٢]

The outer and inner lips of the vulva are called the labia majora and the labia minora, While the vestibule surrounds the opening of the vagina and the opening of the urethra, As for the perineum, it is the area extending from the vulva to the anus,[٢]In fact, the vagina and the external structures of the vulva – the outer labia – naturally differ in shape, size, and color.[٣]

There is a great variety in the external shape of the vulva, as well as its color and size, and all of these types are normal in terms of sexual and reproductive health.[٣]

Differences in the appearance of the external vagina

How does the external vagina look different? The vagina and vulva are unique organs. The inner and outer blades come in all shapes and sizes, The outer blades may hang or swell in some females, and the inner blades may protrude outward for some, while others have deep inner blades,[٤] Dr. Jill McDevitt says, “The vulva is unique in our DNA, just like faces or any part of the body, so everyone has a different appearance.”،[٥]The differences are in the shape of the external vagina as follows:

The inner blades are asymmetric

How are the internal blades asymmetric? if it was One of the inner labia is longer, thicker, or larger than the other blade, so the vulva is at that time asymmetric in terms of the shape of the inner blades. In fact, it is very common for the vulva to have uneven inner blades, which is normal and not a cause for concern.[٦]

It is very common for the inner vulva to be uneven, as one of the blades may be different in length, thickness, and size from the other.

The outer blades are curved

What is the curvature of the outer blades? The outer vulva is curved upside down, like a horseshoe. That is, in the form of a circular curve that meets evenly at the end, Typically, this curved shape leaves the inner blades exposed, which may or may not protrude below the larger blades.[٦]

The outer vulva may be curved circularly to meet at the end evenly, leaving the inner blades exposed.

The inner blades are prominent

How are the internal blades prominent? Often, May be The inner vulva is longer than the outer blades, which makes the inner blades protrude outward. The difference in the length of the inner and outer blades may be very subtle and hardly noticeable, or it may be very pronounced.[٦]

The vulva’s inner blades can be longer than the outer blades, allowing them to protrude from the outside.

The outer blades are prominent

What is meant by the emergence of the outer blades? maybe The outer blades hang down to the vulva. The skin over the blades may be thick and swollen, or thin and slightly loose, and in all cases the vulva is a normal shape and does not cause any damage.[٦]

An external form of the vagina is also when the outer blades are protruding and dropping below the vulva.

The inner blades are long drooping

How are the inner blades hanging out? The long, hanging inner blades are a form of the prominent inner blades. They can hang up to 2.5 cm or more after the outer blades, and they can even hang out of underwear at times.Little extra skin or extra folds may be observed.[٦]

The vulva’s inner labia may protrude and visibly hang down and become several centimeters longer than the outer labia.

The outer blades are long drooping

Are the outer blades hanging too? This is a form of the prominent external vulvar blades, It usually hangs over the larger side of the vulva, and the skin in most cases is thin and lax. As with the inner hanging down blades, This may cause skin folds to appear on the outside of the underwear, which makes the blades more vulnerable to external influences.[٦]

The outer blades can also be long and drooping, which can sometimes cause them to stick out from undergarments.

The blades are small and open

How are the vulva’s blades open and small? It happens when The outer blades are flat and taut until they rest on the pubic bone, This leads to the separation of these blades from each other, appearing as if they are open, which allows the internal blades to appear clearly.[٦]

The outer blades may be separated and open, so the inner blades may be clearly visible.

The blades are small and closed

What would the vulva look like if the labia were small and closed? In this form of the external vagina The outer blades are completely closed and do not separate, and the inner blades are small and completely hidden under the outer, It is one of the least common types of vulva in the world.[٦]

The outer blades can be completely closed, containing the small inner blades.

The inner blades are visible

What would the vulva look like if its inner blades were visible? In this type of vulva, The inner and outer blades are usually the same size, but the inner blades appear because the folds of the outer blades sit in their natural place, or are pulled toward one side.This can be seen from the top of the vulva to the bottom.[٦]

The inner vulva is visible, when equal in size to the outer labia.

Differences in the appearance of the inner vagina

How does the internal vagina look different from one female to another? The inside can be likened to the vagina Rather, it is a long tube with folded areas that can expand and contractSome doctors describe this feature of the accordion machine Accordion collapsibleInternal vaginal imaging tests show that … Most of its types are narrower towards the opening of the vagina and wider towards the cervix, and it is often V-shaped.[٣]

However, the width can vary at the widest point of the inner vagina, and it may be affected by normal childbirth, becoming loose and wide. This is due to the expansion and extension of the vaginal tissues, to clear the way for the baby to pass through the birth canal, And the vagina may return to its normal size after childbirth, or it may remain somewhat dilated.[٣]The internal vagina is surrounded by the following parts:

Vaginal opening

The opening of the vagina is located between the urethra and the anus, and it is the opening through which blood comes out during menstruationAnd through it, the baby passes during natural childbirth, which is the place where the penis enters during sex, The vaginal opening is surrounded by the hymen. It is a thin membrane that stretches easily.[٧]


The clitoris is 3-4 cm above the urethral opening، It is generally in the shape of a circular or oval projection, which is covered by a hood of the clitoris, Which is divided into a clitoral frenulum attached to the top of the small vulva blades on both sides, The clitoris includes the spongy body and the glans of the clitoris, and it becomes extremely engorged and sensitive during sexual activityIt contains certain nerves that participate in sensation.[٨]

The internal shape of the vagina in general is made up of a muscular tube extending to the cervix, and its size usually varies at the widest point from the inside between a female and another, and this channel may be affected by other factors, such as normal childbirth, and it expands and relaxes somewhat, surrounded by the opening of the vagina and above it by several centimeters of the clitoris.

Differences in the size and length of the vagina

Is there a difference in the size and length of the vagina between females? It is normal for the size and length of the vagina to vary from one female to another, and there are factors that affect this, such as the female’s height and ageAnd the size or length of the vagina can change to fit the size of the penis or tampon during the menstrual cycle, for example. As this is done due to the stretching and elongation characteristic, and this leads to the movement of the cervix and uterus to the top.[٣]

The length of the vagina varies from one female to another and from one case to another within the same female, according to what was published in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology,The average length of the vagina is 9.6 cm, with a wide range ranging from 6.5 to 12.5 cm, and its length may change due to external factors, such as sexual arousal and vaginal intercourse..[٩]

And in a study conducted by a group of researchers in a number of universities and laboratories in the United States of America from 2017, It focused on quantitative analyzes of contrast in the shape and dimensions of the normal vagina, Its rationale was as follows:[١٠]

  • The study involved 80 healthy women, ages 28-70, with normal pelvic support.
  • The participants underwent a multilevel MRI scan.
  • Vaginal width was evaluated in 5 equally spaced locations, along with axis and length measurements.
  • The study concluded, “There is a clear and significant difference in the shape, axis and dimensions of the normal vagina, and this may be related to the size or length of the body, but this has not been proven in absolute terms.”

Does the size of the vagina affect sexual pleasure? Some women may worry about the size of the vagina and its effect on sexual pleasure for her and the partner, especially after having children, and because of the elasticity of the vagina, it may return to its natural shape after childbirth, and it may remain a bit loose at times. And the length and size of the vagina does not matter much with sexual satisfaction, Whereas, what matters is comfort during sex, which may not be achieved if the vagina is too short or narrow or the uterus is prolapsed from the inside.Sometimes, as happens after childbirth, وبغAside from the length of the vagina, the area that is believed to be important for most women’s sexual response is the outer third.[١١]

The size and length of the vagina varies from one woman to another, and it can also change after childbirth, and this does not significantly affect sexual satisfaction with the partner, but rather affects the main problems such as narrowing or shortening of the vagina, or prolapse of the uterus.[١١]

Differences in skin tone

Is there a difference in the skin color of the vagina among females? It is normal for vaginal skin color to vary from one female to another, and it usually is The color of the inner and outer vulva is darker than the surrounding area, but there is no medium or uniform color of the vulva, as some females may have:[٦]

  • Pink.
  • purple.
  • red.
  • brouwn.

It is also normal for The clitoris and inner labia become darker upon sexual arousal, due to the increased blood flow to the vulvar regionAnd the color will return to normal after orgasm or after the feeling of excitement subsides, There are some myths that say that removing pubic hair will affect the color of the vulva, and this is not true. Skin can appear lighter because it is no longer hidden under the hair.[٦]

Is vaginal discoloration a concern? You do not need to worry if there is a change in the color of your vaginaIt is affected by many factors, but you should see a doctor If additional symptoms appear, such as the following that may be a sign of a yeast infection:[٦]

  • If the color does not disappear after a day or two at most.
  • Swelling or itching of the vulva.
  • The presence of yellow or green secretions.
  • Note an unusual smell.
  • Small spots and discoloration.

It is normal for the vagina to vary in color among females, and the shades of some parts of it may be darker than other parts, and there is no need to worry about the color change unless it is accompanied by abnormal symptoms.

Is one type better than another?

Many women worry about the type of their vagina, is it the good type or not, In fact, the shape of the vagina in all its parts and specifications is part of the body’s genetic makeup, and whatever its shape is, it is normal, so there is no need to worry, Where There is no better type than another, and whatever the type of the outer and inner blades of the vulva, it can be considered as a fingerprint, No other female has a similar design to another female.[١٢]

However, some women may not feel comfortable with the look or feel of the inner and outer blades, and this may have a negative impact on some activities at times, such as exercising, having sex or wearing a swimsuit.[١٢]

There is no better type of vagina than another, as it in all its forms and different colors is considered normal, so you do not need to worry unless there are abnormal symptoms that indicate a specific health condition.

When should you see a doctor?

Every female should notice Abnormal changes in the appearance of the vulva, or she has concerns about the vagina or vulva, to see her doctor; To determine the cause and help get rid of discomfort,[٣] Among the symptoms that require a visit to the doctor are the following:

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge: It is important to recognize the signs of abnormal vaginal discharge. Because it may be a sign of an infection or other health condition, Among the changes that may occur to the secretions are the following:[١٣]
    • If the secretions increase suddenly or randomly, this may be a sign of a health problem.
    • If the color of the secretions has changed to a bright yellow or green color.
    • If the secretions become thick and lumpy, thick or watery.
  • Unusual smell: The vagina by its nature has a natural light odor, but if the smell is strong, it may be a sign of infection, such as bacterial vaginosis; It is a common vaginal infection that causes an unpleasant odor, in addition to abnormal secretions, and some women may resort to using products such as vaginal washes and sprays to cover the smell, but this can cause the problem to aggravate not treat it.[١٤]
  • Blades Color: A change in the color of the inner and outer labia of the vulva may be a sign of a health problem if it is accompanied by other symptoms.[٦]
  • Profuse vaginal bleeding: It refers to profuse menstrual bleeding that lasts more than 7 days, and is characterized by being severe, that is, when a woman has to change the sanitary pads every two hours at least, or when large clots with menstrual blood are noticed significantly, then you must see a doctor at that time.[١٥]
  • Pain during sexual intercourse: This problem can occur for various reasons, including structural problems, including psychological concerns, and many women suffer from painful intercourse at some point in their lives, and it may occur during or immediately after intercourse, and the doctor identifies the problem and treats it in the appropriate way, so it is necessary to talk to him when pain occurs during Having sex.[١٦]
  • Birth defects: Some females suffer from birth defects that may require surgical treatment. Some females may have a wall called a vertical vaginal septum, which creates two vaginas, and this may not be noticed until menstruation begins or the female becomes sexually active.[٣]

There are some cases related to sexual health and vagina care that require medical intervention, so they should not be neglected to prevent their aggravation and to reduce possible complications.

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