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The ten best Arabic novels, the novel is an art of literature, which includes a long narration of events in prose. This narration describes fictional or real characters, or a mixture of both, in addition to presenting the events in a coherent and sequential manner, and the novel is the longest and largest of the stories. Where there are many characters in the novel, and facts abound and vary, and through our next article on the reference website, we will review the ten best Arabic novels worth reading.

Top ten Arabic novels worth reading

The novel first appeared in Europe, then moved to the rest of the world. In the following paragraph, we will mention the ten best Arabic novels, without taking into account the sequence in reviewing the novels.

Chicago novel

The novel by the writer Alaa Al-Aswany, Al-Aswany puts us in front of a novel in which two generations meet, one at the beginning of his life, and the other at the end, where we stand on the continuity of problems. They immigrated in the 1960s, became involved in American life, obtained a Ph.D., and held a long university career.

The events of the novel revolve around this group of young researchers, and their educational journey of alienation in order to obtain a doctorate degree, where they carry with them the concerns of the homeland and their personal concerns alike. Their battles, problems, and turmoil seem no different from those they left behind, more precisely, they carried them with them, and did not leave them. To read the novel in PDF “From Here”[1]

Diamond dust novel

The Egyptian writer Ahmed Murad’s novel “Diamond Dust” raises the question whether evil is the inevitable and inevitable path to good, and how much violence one needs in the war against the venal and unscrupulous corrupt.

Diamond Dust takes place in a small setting. The main venues for the events are the home of the suspect, a wheelchair-bound person who lives with his son Taha, the villa of the legendary millionaire Mahrous Berjas located opposite the house of Taha and his father, and the pharmacy where a qualified pharmacist Taha earns some money by working there at night. During the day, he visits nearby clinics as a pharmaceutical sales representative. To read the novel, PDF “From Here”.[2]

The children of our neighborhood novel

Written by Naguib Mahfouz, in which he recounts the life of the prophets as seen by Mahfouz from his point of view. The wicked wreak havoc on the earth and inflict the most severe punishments on the weak. He also forgot and forgot to give the poor their share of this world.

Where the events of the novel “The Children of Our Neighborhood” take place in one of the neighborhoods of Cairo, and it is a symbolic novel that begins with the story of the private Ezbet Al-Jabalawy that is filled with his children, and the preference of Al-Jablawi’s son, Adham Ibn Al-Samra over the rest of his sons, and the rebellion of his son Idris, which led to his expulsion from Ezbet Al-Jablawi, to begin his journey of suffering. To read the novel, PDF “From Here”.[3]

Azazel novel

The novel Azazel is one of the most famous novels of the Egyptian writer and philosopher Youssef Zidan. The novel was published in 2008. Azazel’s novel is a translation of a group of patches written in the Syriac language and placed in a wooden box and buried in the area surrounding the Citadel of St. Simeon Al-Amoudi near the city of Aleppo in northern Syria. These scrolls were written in the fifth century AD, and were found in good condition, and the word Azazel means Satan. And those parchments are a biography of the Egyptian Christian monk Heba, written by him at the request of Azazel himself. To a historical time period that Arabic literature did not address despite its importance. To read the novel, PDF “From Here”.

Book of One Thousand and One Nights

The novel takes place in a large kingdom that extended from Persia until it crossed the borders of India and China, and it was ruled by a just and good-natured king. Shahryar rule the Persians.

One day, Shahryar was eager to see his brother, so he sent a minister from his entourage to his brother Shah Zaman, inviting him to visit him. His wife betrayed him with a slave of his servants.

Shahryar hated women, thinking that they were all traitors, so he decided to take revenge for himself, and he married a new girl every night to kill her the next morning. Scheherazade, the eldest daughter of the vizier, who was distinguished by her grace, wit, and high culture. When Scheherazade learned of the state of the king, she decided to put an end to him. She asked her father, the vizier, to marry King Shahryar, who in turn refused, fearing that she would fall victim to Shahryar like the rest of his wives, until she persuaded him. With her intelligence, her humanitarian attitude, and her goal in saving her people from the cruelty and tyranny of Shahryar. To download the novel as a PDF “from here”.

blue elephant novel

Writer Ahmed Murad takes the reader on an exciting journey in which he explores the strangest mysteries of the human psyche. It tells the story of Yahya, a psychiatrist who returns after five years of voluntary isolation to work in the Abbasiya Mental Health Hospital, so that surprises await him to turn his life upside down, so he finds a friend of his studies there carrying a past Yahya tried hard to forget him, as his sister is a former lover, and finds him accused in a case and without warning his fate hangs in Yahya’s hands. His addiction to alcohol causes an accident that kills his wife and daughter, after which he chooses isolation for five years to escape his painful reality, and then decides to resume his work in Abbasiya Hospital, to find his friend Sharif an inmate in the perpetrators section, who later turns out to be possessed by the jinn and he is controlling his behavior and pushes him to commit His crimes, and Yahya tries to help him to discover that the secret is in the tattoo on Sharif’s body. In the midst of the events, the meeting with Lubna, Sherif’s sister, is renewed, so that love is renewed, and the novel ends with their connection and the transfer of the tattoo itself to Yahya’s body. The Novel Pdf “From Here”.

Bamboo leg novel

Written by Saeed Al Sanousi, it was written in 2012 AD. The novel tells the story of Issa, the son of a Filipino woman and a Gulf father, a warm, affectionate father from an aristocratic family who married a Filipino maid in a customary marriage. His mother tells tales about his father and Kuwait, and her sister curses the men, so that the mother of Issa appears and tells her only Rashid.

The features of the Gulf began to erupt in the soul of Issa, and this only provoked his mother, who wants her son to return to his origin, so she sends the son to Kuwait to stand with his Filipino features, unable to introduce himself as a member of a Gulf family, his family rejects him, as he has nothing from their family except the voice of Rashid, who interceded for him At his unjust grandmother to live in the attic where the servants lived, and there comes the role of the family – the aunts – one of them was kind-hearted and sympathetic to him, as he is her nephew anyway, and the other is afraid of this shame that came from the Philippines to destroy their social position, as it will not be more From a boy with a Filipina mother and a Gulf father, that is, he is nothing more than a sin one night. The Philippines is Issa’s final resting place after several attempts by Issa to integrate into the Gulf society, but he could not even when he moved away from his family, as his aunt was chasing after him, who feared for the reputation of their social situation and sought to be fired from his work more than once, to return from Kuwait to the Philippines as a Muslim. He marries his cousin and forms in his life what he dreamed of living in: the family. Finally, Kuwaiti blood runs through his veins, but he is of Filipino origin, appearance and even nationality. It is not only Issa Al-Tarov who suffered from that life, but this is a recurring tragedy that repeats the violation of human rights based on his origin And his money. To read the novel, PDF “From Here”.

The story of a flower

The story of a flower is a Lebanese novel by the writer Hanan al-Sheikh. Hanan al-Sheikh’s novel “The Story of a Flower” is divided into two parts. The first section bears the title of Scars of Peace, in which we find the flower of the central female character, which was sacrificed silently by the patriarchal structure in its various hideous manifestations. The second section bears a subtitle: Torrents of War, in which we see Zahra as a completely different person, ready to take any action to stop the war, even if it comes to establishing a relationship with a sniper, the symbol of patriarchal war, and ending with her tragic death. To read the novel, PDF “From Here”.

book of the prophet

Gibran begins the book of the Prophet by talking about a man named Al-Mustafa, who comes to visit a legendary city called Orphales, and he was forced to stay there until he had the opportunity to return to his original homeland. The people of the country were a prophet and wise to them, and the Mustafa was a popular person among the people of Jerusalem during that period, and his star shone so much that he became a reference for them in the questions they did not find an answer to, and all of them are questions that require an insightful person to answer.

After 12 years, the ship that was waiting for the Mustafa arrives, and at that time the fortune-teller of the city encouraged the Prophet to answer the various questions asked to him by the people of the city, and was also working to open the discussion from questions directed from her, and this encouraged people more, to ask about different The human issues are: death, life, food, drink, clothes, giving, crime, debt, work, marriage, children, joy, sadness, love, good, dwellings, evil, beauty, property, friendship, buying and selling, laws, freedom, reason, time, pain, pleasure, and so on. To read the novel, PDF “From Here”.


Khaled Al-Khamisi talks in his book “Mashawair Taxi” about Egypt and the Egyptian society. The book is a diary that describes the concerns, dreams and memories of millions of Egyptians in their different personalities and roles in Cairo.

In the taxi rides, Al-Khamisi listens to drivers when they are busy recounting the details of their daily lives. He interacts with their daily frustrations and torments in pursuit of the threatening and difficult livelihood, adhering to a clean life and living in peace, in the context of a difficult reality that causes resentment, fear and hatred. It revolves around him at times, which may reach collective jokes, and the pain and feelings of oppression are represented at other times, and the rich thieves are cursed at other times. That is the philosophy of living in the city of Cairo. To read the novel, PDF “From Here”.

Best Agatha Christie novels

The importance of reading novels

Reading is considered a sport of thought, and it is not hidden from anyone about its importance and the benefits that we derive from it, including the following:

  • Enriching the reader’s knowledge stock: the narrator is not only a presentation of events, but also includes talking about dates and events that have not been previously revealed in some cases, and provides new information to the reader.
  • Traveling to multiple places for free: The pages of the multiple novels provide descriptions of places far from the reader’s whereabouts; As a Japanese writer describes the beaches of Japan, or a Palestinian writer mentions the road leading to Jerusalem in detail.
  • Developing the Queen of Expression and Writing: Many talented people, especially students, open their writing skills, and their abilities in writing and expression become stronger when they read novels a lot, and their pens get used to good description and language.
  • Stimulating the imagination: When a person watches television or a movie on his computer screen, there is no need to imagine as long as the event exists on the screens of modern electronic devices, but when reading novels, the reader imagines the events and the nature of the places mentioned by the writer.
  • Entertainment and mental pleasure: Some are confused about how to spend their free time in new and different ways, and reading novels is one of the most entertaining things that achieve mental pleasure for the reader.
  • Enhancing the skill of speaking and rhetoric: the various novels review the topics they deal with in sound language, and eloquent and strong words that affect the reader, and develop his verbal stock through them. You see him speaking fluently in seminars and lectures, and in job interviews, and he does not need help when it is required to formulate or write a letter.

With this amount of information, we have come to the end of today’s article, which was under the title of the ten best Arab novels, through which we listed the ten best Arab novels worth watching. Finally, we talked about the importance of reading novels.

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